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Every year young adults are thrust into the “Real World,” unequipped with the knowledge they need to achieve success. Cigarettes & Bad Decisions - The S*** I Wish I'd Known, was written to assist these individuals in maximizing opportunities by sharing common mistakes that hinder young adults. For the more mature adult, this book will allow you to reflect and reminisce on your own personal journey. Join Koffee Black, Hollow Tip, and MrJackBrickhouse as they invite you into their lives, highlighting their pitfalls and triumphs while dropping gems of knowledge that will increase the value of even the most eclectic treasure chest of knowledge.


Print Length: 131 pages

Language: English

Publication Date: December 18, 2016

Reading Age: 16 - 18 years

Grade Level: 11 - 12

Cigarettes & Bad Decisions: The S*** I'd Wish I'd Known

$12.12 Regular Price
$10.67Sale Price
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