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RMCF Community Partners & Sponsors

Arizona Community Foundation

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The Arizona Community Foundation and its Affiliates steward the gifts placed in their care with an eye toward permanence and growth, and from the investment earnings on the endowment, award millions of dollars in grants and scholarships every year.

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Hope's Crossing


Hope’s Crossing is a one-stop resource for women in transition, back to a healthy and sustainable life. We provide valuable resources, programs, and services to restore hope in countless lives.

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GenWriters Club is a social organization empowering Young African Writers to share their writing skills and Arts on our online website and magazines for free. Our Youth magazines and websites are devoted entirely to Youth writings, arts, forums, photos


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At D-BAT, it is our mission to: Provide a quality teaching environment with quality instruction to enhance the baseball experience for players at all levels from little league through the pros. 


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Lutheran Social Services stabilizes people during crisis and transition, build a foundation where people can thrive, and preserve dignity and respect for the most vulnerable. 


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We At Business Minded Group Arts Foundation Strive To Help All Communities Through Our Health & Wellness Programs. We Provide Life Coaching, Meditation & Coaching In Nutritional Health.

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GIVE1PROJECT is a global organization that aims to engage youth as leaders in creating and building strong and healthy communities. The project achieves this goal through the successful operation of a network of civic engagement, leadership, entrepreneurship, job training, women's empowerment and educational programs.

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The goal of this theme is to bring desirable change in the attitudes and behaviour of our school going children in Africa, to facilitate learning or acquisition of knowledge, values, beliefs, habits, skills and dispositions in the areas of their livelihood production.

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Arizona Community Foundation

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brickhouse cares, inc 
a 501(c)(3) Organization

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits was formed in 2004 to be the unifying voice of the nonprofit sector in Arizona.  We are the only statewide association dedicated to serving the needs of the more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations all across Arizona.  We do this through advocacy, education, information, connection and resources, which are tailored specifically for nonprofits, their staff, their board and their volunteers.

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Brickhouse Cares, Inc provides educational resources & information focusing on the importance of academic studies in real-world situations, life skills for adulthood, balancing family & work life, networking both on a personal and business level and the importance of faith at work and at home to current high school students, community college students, and adults in need of education or life guidance.


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For generations, the artesian spring water from the Oak Creek Canyon of Sedona has been prized not only for its purity, but also for it's mystical healing properties. Formed by rain and snowfall over hundreds of years, and naturally filtered through the rocks of the canyon, the spring water you hold in your hand is truly sacred. Untouched by man and unquestionably superior, it's purity will restore and sustain you.

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We Build Strong Families, so We can Build Strong Communities. 

 Every Person to be Introduced to Jesus, be Set Free and be Empowered to Live as Light in the World. 


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"Beat Street AZ develops, educates, and empowers youth to become resilient, future-minded leaders in the community through

Hip-Hop culture."


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At ClipDart, we redefine the way people receive haircuts forever, however, what separates us is “Our Why". Kyle Parker founded ClipDart as a way to treat the mental unwellness of people of color that was attributed to an inability to self-care in a culturally familiar way. Today, we help improve the mental wellness of people around the world via barbers and hairstylists. ClipDart's innovate, three pillar model continuously pushes our mission & vision in an effective, creative, & unique manner!

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I am offering my services as a Real Estate Agent representing The John Samuel’s Agency, servicing Greater Phoenix & surrounding areas.

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