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The Sis Pat Give Back Foundation

Patricia “Sis Pat” Coby was an angel from God who believed in helping the homeless and servicing underprivileged men and women in need. She would continuously go out to the community to pass out meals and hygiene kits. She also made it her mission to provide any additional resources to anyone in crisis. Now that she has been given her wings. It is up to us to continue the work she started. In her honor, we here at Royalty Ministries Community Foundation have established The Sis Pat Give Back Foundation.


There are about 29,000 unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness in the state of Arizona.This number has increased 34% from 2020 to 2022. When it comes to homelessness, Arizona has a serious problem. We as a community are desperately in need of more helping hands and open hearts.


Our mission is to be a blessing to those who are in need and to provide life-transforming solutions to persons facing hunger, homelessness, addiction and trauma.


For more information on The Sis Pat Give Back Foundation please visit Please join our mission to celebrate the life and legacy of such a beautiful soul & woman of God who has made such a tremendous positive impact in all of our lives. A great woman whose deeds in faith and love will continually be a pillar of strength for all saints that knew her.

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